Sunday, September 5, 2010


If you belong in the old school of thought that being an artiste is a waste of time, then you need to refresh, because you are having a slow connection.

Back in the days when CDs were supposedly the 2030 and beyond idea, we used to curdle in the comfort of our analog, one band dear radios, those days radio presenters had all the time on air to tell us stuff we didn’t know, supposedly dug from the libraries.

The programming was sweet too with a string of magazine programmes, Radio theatre, Quiz shows and a lot of edutainment packages whenever we went to church, credit used to go to our choirs and singers.

Villagers had to gather in the Market place under the strict order of our local Assistant chief to be part of national holidays celebration. The highlight of the event was graced by. Dances, poetry, choral verses and the usual general excitement of wananchi united.

Today, faces of artistes who ruled over the decades, still hang around in our competitive theatre with unrivalled energy and creativity. Case in point, Vioja mahakamani a courtroom drama which has ruled the airwaves over the decades, other young upcoming artistes have tried to copycat the show with a little inclination to the western show Boston legal and others only to frustrate the viewer.

Lucy wangui Gichomo, a veteran actress in the Vioja mahakamani show better known as “Judge”, loathes the lack of creativity, egoistic nature of some artistes who refuse to stick to the ethics of this art.

As a fellow judge in a New TV comedy competition Show, she is an inspirational to many upcoming artistes in Theatre and has portrayed her passion to the art.GBS TV show cases Talents of Artistes, largely ignored out in the streets, villages and counties, consequently hundreds of youths have been thronging the station, where they are auditioned, trained by experts and allowed to participate on Air.

Having worked as a Radio Producer/presenter, I really wish our FM and TV stations could just hit the road and refresh a big number of their staff who lack talent and largely rely on internet jokes and special microphones to prove their talents.

In other words, the artistes are either forgotten or ignored by the big media houses whose system of recruitment needs to be put under thorough scrutiny. Woes aside in the Kenyan showbiz community, we are a one big happy family. The pride of Our Almighty Father.

Sam Mutonya,
UncleSamz Production House.

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