Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reading an article from a magazine in my archives, I came across an interview with a lady who has been “training dogs to become canine detectives”.

From the article I fathomed that the veterinary department runs the field,
According to the trainer she trains dogs to “attack, sniff, search, track and identify” I realized trainers can handle pets in entertainment industry too.

Hollywood leads in animal characters in movie productions. Majority of pets excelling in theatre has been dogs. Dogs engage in a mime easily with human characters. In the comedy The Savages done by big shots in Hollywood. The dog features prominently in the comedy series.

From the number of wild dogs roaming in our streets and recently the Thika road dog that starved for days mourning the loss of its lifetime partner,Its time trainers incorporated the pets into our entertainment zone.

My brother Soja and I had a brown dog we nicknamed “Snowy” and inspiration from the cartoon classic “Tin Tin” apparently boys thought we had the “Coward dog” in the village because we used to play a lot with Snowy and gave him an occasional brother bought a brush with his pocket money!
Unfortunately a close relative poisoned Snowy.

The New constitution of Kenya allotted the county governments powers and functions in animal husbandry and veterinary services and local tourism.With bull-fighting camel riding, donkey riding, Girrafe fun,Bolt the Cheetah,the rare adoptions by animals among many other untold heroic acts by animals, it is time that those of us in the entertainment circles to incorporate pet talents.

Sam Mutonya,
TV Drama Director,